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Israeli Ministry Of Health: the majority of Corona virus cases cases came from The United States.

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An Israeli Ministry of Health report on the prevalence of the Corona epidemic showed that 49%, or 5004 of the Corona patients in Israel, transmitted the infection to them after they mixed with patients who had been diagnosed with the virus. The report also showed that 40% of Corona patients in Israel who were infected outside Israel came from the United States, which is the country that the Israeli authorities - especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - have been late in deciding to impose restrictions on those who come from them in anticipation of the impact on relations Between the two countries.

The report, prepared by the head of the Public Health Department in the Ministry of Occupation, Professor Segal Saditsky, based on the investigations of the spread of the epidemic, stated that 19% of the 2005 Corona patients in Israel, who were infected outside Israel, and 15% (1517 people) They became infected when they were in public places, such as synagogues, shops, markets, health institutions, pharmacies, and public transportation. The source of infection with the virus is not known to 17% (1750) of the patients.

The number of patients in Israel who have been infected with corona in the United States is 569, and they quadruple those who contracted the disease in any other country before returning to Israel. The report said that 578 patients have been infected outside of Israel, the country where the infection was transmitted is not known yet, so there is a possibility that the number of patients who have been infected in the United States will be higher than the available data so far.

France ranked second for the infection of Israeli citizens, numbering about 150 patients, then Britain (about 110), followed by Brazil, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Austria and Egypt. The number of infected people who returned from Italy was very few, and the report suggested that this was due to imposing a quarantine on them at an early stage in the beginning of the spread of the virus in Israel.

On March 4, the Israeli government decided to compel people from Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to enter a quarantine. On March 9, the government decided to require all arrivals from outside the country to enter a quarantine, to include the decision coming from the United States. On the 18th of the same month, it was decided to prevent foreigners from entering the country.

It turns out that the Israeli authorities did not comply with its decisions. Just this week, all arrivals from outside the country were obligated to enter a quarantine, although Netanyahu announced such a decision two weeks ago, while a large portion of the arrivals arrived from the United States, without requiring them to quarantine.

The report pointed out that only three citizens of Israel were infected with Corona in China, and three others were infected in Japan, while no citizen of Israel was infected in South Korea. These three countries were among the first to impose restrictions on their arrivals by the Israeli authorities.

Most of those infected with Corona, in the first month of the beginning of Corona's spread in the country, were infected outside the country, but since mid-March most of the patients have become infected in the country. The report confirmed that a significant increase was observed in the number of corona patients after the celebrations of Jewish Purim, which took place on 10 March.

After entering emergency systems and restricting and preventing gatherings of more than ten people, the number of new patients has decreased, and this has been evident since April 5, according to the report. According to the report, 80% of boys and girls who were infected with the virus, the infection was transmitted from a Corona patient, and 73% of the elderly over the age of 80 years.

According to the latest data published by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the number of corona deaths has reached 124, and the number of people infected with the virus is 12,046.

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