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The Government spokesman "we are facing a dangerous stage."

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Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said that we are facing a dangerous stage.

Melhem added in the evening briefing today, Thursday, "We have been counting our injuries since the beginning of the epidemic by individuals, today the count varied between the night and the day of 16 injuries and this is evidence and a warning, and we do not want to count the injuries by dozens."

He continued: "How can we prevent an outbreak of the disease? The matter needs caution, the utmost caution and this means strict adherence to the instructions, and to prevent curfews openly, although we do not want to call the word but we must summon it." And we say that it is necessary to refrain from moving and committ to our homes, as Prime Minister warned today.

He added, "Our responsibility towards our people requires us to be very frank, and to warn against the spread of this virus with the return of workers, and what happened in the Bedouin was clear that it carries this warning, it is possible to spread the virus and slip into the square of danger, but avoiding that is available, by isolation and home quarantine and not Courtesy of mobility.

And Melhem said: "Stay in your houses."

He added: "Our calls for our families and workers to be extremely careful, we do not want this virus to spread to their children, wives, mothers, fathers and grandmothers, we want to distance yourself from the danger" he also called workers coming back from Israeli Occupation workshops to commit to house quarantine. "We do not want to go to what major countries have gone to, their health systems has collapsed, we are still able to rectify the danger, with home quarantine, compliance with instructions, and minimum mobility."

He continued: "The epidemic is not dangerous if we adhere to home quarantine, personal hygiene and healthy nutrition, because it is recklessness that prompted countries to slip into danger, and social interaction is a fertile environment for an outbreak."

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