A museum in Israel has postponed its planned auction of dozens of rare Islamic antiquities, including centuries-old carpets, armaments and ceramics from across the Middle East after word of the sale sparked outrage.
Data from the Ministry of Finance and Planning showed that the public debt owed by the government rose during the first eight months of this year by 11 percent to 11.35 billion shekels.
Minister of Labor Nasri Abu Jaish called through the virtual Zoom platform, the board of directors of the Arab Labor Organization to support workers and the people of Palestine, by translating the decisions of the Board of Directors and the Arab Labor Conference into reality.
The UN’s non-binding and generalised Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have provided a diversion in current EU and Palestinian politics. On the brink of experiencing additional dispossession and forced displacement as the normalisation agreements between Israel and Gulf states open the door to more...
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