espite the decline in Gazan’s index. As such, the overall extended PMABCI increased from its lowest this year (-4.9 points in July) to around -3.8 points in August. Moreover, it remained higher than the index of August 2017 (-12.1 points)
He pointed out that the funding mechanism of UNRWA is now through donations from countries directly to the Agency, explaining that the annual budget of the Agency estimated at 1.2 billion dollars, and the United States contributes $ 350 million annually.
The data, according to the Palestine Economic Portal, shows that net lending hit 444.3 million NIS , while it used to be 546.5 million shekels in 2017.
“The fund will work under the supervision of the Islamic Bank and in accordance with international best practice in governance and investments management with young entrepreneurs and less fortunate families, to enable a quarter million Palestinian families within the next decade,” he added.
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